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Jun 26, 2016 4:32:15 PM by Edwin Raymond

Top 10 Tips For Writing A Successful B2B Press Release

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A B2B Press Release is an essential means to promote your business. Unfortunately, the effectiveness has not been realised by smaller companies who may benefit a great deal by publishing a B2B press release. A press release is not necessarily always a big news story nor an announcement of an event. In fact it is a very effective way to get your business noticed, in addition to the your products and services.

A press release is quite simply an interesting news story that features your business, the products you manufacture, or services you provide, it can be about a new product launch or how your business is contributing to CSR, or establishment of your new branch, etc. These press releases can be published on your website, social media, as well as, trade publications.

Press releases are a great means of generating publicity for free and this is something that every business can do. With an unstoppable surge in the number of Internet users, press releases are now considered a vital business tool for getting coverage on not only your company's official website but many PR websites as well, which helps in improving organic traffic to your website through inbound links.


10 Quick Tips for Writing A Successful B2B Manufacturing  Press Release

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1.  Figure Out Your Target Audience

Before beginning to writing a B2B press release for your business, you need to know about your key customers and markets you want to target.

2.   Select Key Websites, Publications For Submission

Once you have selected your target audience, it is time to identify relevant trade magazines, papers and websites where you will be able to find and attract your target audience. Today there are a number of trade publications as well as websites, that can publish your B2B press releases for free.

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3.   Media Kit & Publishing Programmes:

Once you have selected a particular trade publication, ask a copy of their media kit and publishing criteria. The editor of the magazine will tell you the topics that will be featured in the future publications for which they would like to receive or select press releases, in this way you will understand their requirement and compose your press release to fit the theme of the publication.

4.   Choose Websites and Publications To Send Press Release To

During your research of your target publication, get in touch with their editorial department and get the contact of the person who is responsible for publishing of press releases. It is most often the editor or a PR specialist if the publication is a big one. You can send your press releases to the editor by email to get them published in their publication as well as online on their website.

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5.   Make Sure Your Topic Is Newsworthy:

In order to get noticed by your target audience, always make sure that the topic or aspect you are featuring about your business is newsworthy. You can research on the content from already published press releases in trade magazines and various PR websites. You can also discuss with your business partner about the topic of the press release which could be suitable for a PR story. You can write a press release on your new product launch, or the unique features of the product, or new mergers or contract you have won, you can even write a press release on the publication of case studies that people should find interesting.

6.   Write For You Customers and Suppliers

There are a number of ways to make your press releases interesting to your target audience as well as the editor who will be the first person to go through it. To make it more appealing, editors suggest a press release should interest the customer, it should talk about the ways the customer will benefit, instead of talking about what the business is offering.Image Quotes "Inbound Leads Cost 61% Less Than Outbound Leads"

It is a known fact that many editors do not generally prefer to publish press release that are nothing but adverts. They prefer B2B press releases that are genuine news stories or cover the latest happenings in the business and consumer world. To make your press releases more interesting, you could also quote your customers or clients who appreciate your product or service which would definitely click with your target audience.

7.   Get A Short Testimonial

Many press releases these days include quotes and pictures of their loyal customers and clients that prefer using their services. It is best to mention their views in your press release. If you are writing a press release about a new product launch, the quote that you mention should be informative, and must show the reaction and feedback of your customer after using your product or service. Asking customers for their feedback costs nothing, and it is a great way to make your press release more interesting to read by your target audience.

8.   Begin Your Press Release With Fast Facts

Press releases are typically around 150 to 350 words. It is very important to lay down the gist of the press release right in the first paragraph. It must cover and answer the most popular 5 W’s, like, who, what, when, where, why. Once you have answered these five questions in the first paragraph, you can provide additional information in the 2nd paragraph and then in the 3rd and probably the last paragraph you can either mention a quotation or feedback or something related to what's to come in the future.

9.  Keep Your Press Release Concise

The press release should provide information is a clear and concise manner. The writer should use smaller, meaningful sentences. A long sentence is never encourage in a press release. The press release must be easier to read and understand.

10.  Press Release Should Be Accurate and Objective

Press releases are always written in 3rd person and must always carry an objective tone. It should have a straightforward writing style and concentrate more on the facts. It is important not to use adjectives in a press release profusely nor abbreviations that are harder to understand by general audience. The more simple the press release, the better chances of it getting published and getting you a good publicity.


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