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Feb 18, 2016 8:26:44 PM by Edwin Raymond

B2B Marketing Mix

B2B Marketing Strategy, Podcasts

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” Mike Volpe 

In today's world you need to have many channels when it comes to marketing your business. Its very important that you employ a marketing Mix and leverage for maximum returns.

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The Full Transcribe Conversation

“Welcome again to podcast with myself Gareth Wax and Edwin Raymond here.
How you doing?”“I’m fine actually I really intrigued because what since you and I we what we want to talk about today it's actually a topic that comes up to a lot discussion which is marketing mix and how do you mix different marketing strings to get the best for your business?”“It's not just how you mix and why you mix them.”“Yeah absolutely.”“So what we tend to find is a lot of people just looking at one individual strategy and expect it to work across all the boards.”“Classically they pick a strategy that means the lowest amounts of contact, in actual fact between them and I think we'll have the very people who are trying to get in contact with.”“We classically they would you say an e-mail strategy, they might buy a data list who was very focused e-mail that list, a magically expect they'll suddenly get a whole bunch of new prospects. when that has been on the wane. what's your experience with it Edwin?”!”We found over the years our open rights even with a very carefully crafted content that talks to the audience even with case studies and everything else that's includes relevant great (subject) titles.”

“We get about thirty percent open rates?”

“How many years ago? it was three years ago?”

“OK And then we were getting great Click through rates and responses.”

“Now recently I know you've done an e-mail marketing push. Just more as a precursor to doing some telemarketing So how did that go?”

“Well that was down to about five percent just on that one example. The ones we've done before was ten percent…”

“What we can immediately see is that if you're going to have an effective marketing strategy email is certainly relevant but I think it can only be there as part and parcel of the whole.”

"Yeah you need more, I mean it's a new paradigm the more you do the same thing the less returns you're going to get over time.(Law of lesser returns). You have to shift over to new ways of looking to bring in customers. So one of them is obviously email marketing. We do this in marketing but we don’t just do one form of theses. Often the marketing mix the one things is once we've got the channels in place we always go out and touch base and actually have a conversation with the people that we, want to communicate with and do business

“What type of marketing modes are open to us?”

“Well traditionally we’ll start off with email marketing.
OK you've got content generation from blogs b2b lead nurturing which is a way of interacting with people who you want to interact with that often need to telemarketing and then responsive emails and then the last one will be social and that could be Linked or Facebook Twitter is a very powerful one.”

“I'm always interested in hearing more about that. Would explain to me how the social media aspect to this is so relevant now?”

“Well social media is more about social proofing and I think it's about people especially in the U.K.”

We like to know that everyone else has done what they've done and we can copy them.

and So social proofing is very important especially when you're looking to purchase from a business or even a product, so if you take Amazon for example, Amazon is one of the biggest, It's actually becoming more search (preferred) than Google for products of that. For example if you've got a product with a great reputation Apple, Samsung, Bose act all boy points or Sampson you name it.

People still go on Amazon to see what someone's personal experience
was absolutely
and then they say for example I'm signing so I know that you looked on Amazon at my T.V. and good reviews
on of course and I'll be I'll be watching the way you flow. just by monitoring thesites that you have been visiting…..Well your business sells televisions that might be a way of attracting new customers away from Amazon given the personal touch to that customer.

Can you briefly talk to me about reputation?

Reputation it's all about can you be trusted and one of the things that we do in marketing. As to build up that relationship of trust.

So if you you've really got social proof that your actually a trusted provided your service or products then it might my buying decision or your customer’s buying decision a lot more easier so I don't need to convince you about what we do.

So there are twenty five people that have purchased our product in the last six months and this is their experience.

OK Well I think that's been invaluable I've certainly learnt a lot. Thank you very much for listening and and we should be back talking with you about more marketing subjects very soon speak to you soon.


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