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Nov 6, 2016 10:28:15 AM by Edwin Raymond

B2B Inbound Marketing Research and Development for Manufacturing and B2B Technology Companies

B2b Inbound Marketing

B2B Marketing Research and Development

b2b manufacturing Marketing

Manufacturing, technology companies understand the principles of R&D, from widget to Apps speak to the MD , CFO and CTO they all understand the value in have R&D budget, ask IBM, Microsoft, Sony and Phillips to name a few. They Spend money on staying ahead.

 Now if I named Apple which a is manufacturing Technology company, they have invested in their marketing. B2B marketing and sales is the bloodline of any really successful company. As the Manufacturing landscape changes, success will be based on a successful  B2B marketing and sales team, the better the alignment, the better the  ROI growth and long term success of the business.

 Many UK firms focus on the UK as their only market, well we are truly global  and to improve sales you have to have an Global B2B marketing strategy in place… Is this difficult to do? Well and if done right can make good companies with average sales a great company with Global sales.

You know your Customer

 All the successful firms we talk to and want to expand on their sales, always know how their customers are, we work with creating marketing persona’s, the the question we ask

“What does your customer know about you?”

Because of the Internet buyers like to do their research before they begin engaging in an procurement cycle, even existing customer want to know more before they resign an existing contract, remember your competitors are whispering in their too…

Young couple in consumer electronics store looking at latest laptop, television and photo camera

Creating Content to educate your customer about, what they need help with is the first step, and the most important step in opening the door to more manufacturing sales.

Having content that can answer all of your future customer’s wants and needs is the real key to success, and turning that into a global strategy is so much easier with International Product reps working on a Integrated Marketing Sales system.

If you would like to know how to best create content, check out this blog on Content creation.

Need help creating content... 

Companies in the Manufacturing, electronic and Technology sector have a vast amount of content at their disposal. This is normally in the form of whitepapers, product specification, and technical manuals and support content.

The aim of your b2b marketing campaign is to share all of this content with your customers, on their preferred media. This could be via the following b2b marketing channels:

  1. Newsletter/ emails
  2. LinkedIn – and groups
  3. Facebook
  4. You tube – (very popular with Tech companies)

 There are more but how to stay on top of it all and how to do you know which channels and actions are working best? Also who the hell is going to take on the task of managing this on a global scale…. Well technology is a great thing. With some Marketing Research & Development you put in place an automated, semi intelligent inbound/outbound system that your B2B sales and Marketing team can use…

Download your E-book On Inbound Marketing

 All of your content must be online to educate your customer and the more you educate them on what they need help with the better opportunity they get to know you. Once you are finally in tune completing the sale becomes a lot more easier

 All of this is  b2b marketing R&D, creating the right content, distributing that content, measuring the success of said content and making improvements along the way to get the ROI.

B2B marketing should not be seen as an expense but as an investment and when you truly invest in your marketing and sales it pays dividends for everyone.

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