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3 Ways To Successfully Integrate Inbound Marketing With B2B Telemarketing

B2b Inbound Marketing

Which B2B Marketing Strategy is Best?

With the advancement in communication channels, social media platforms have increasingly become popular among people and facilitated marketers in more ways than one. Advertisers today flock to social media channels to reach out to millions of customers on social media platforms, such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and search engine optimization by putting the client website at the top of the Google search engine.

Increase your b2b sales and leads with Inbound marketing

This is all integral to inbound marketing, and has helped start-ups as well as multinationals to generate sales and attract new customers around the world. But inbound marketing should not be considered a panacea for solving all of your marketing problems. It is always wise to include outbound marketing techniques in your marketing strategy that would help retain existing customers and attract newer ones. What's important is that you choose the most cost-effective outbound technique which can bring your business the most benefit.

B2B conversion Rates are better with social media

It is always wise to choose outbound marketing techniques that can be combined with inbound techniques to improve the rate of success. Below are a few examples about how you can combine both outbound marketing techniques, such as outdoor marketing, tele-marketing, event marketing, direct mail, etc. with inbound marketing techniques to accelerate your marketing efforts and gain powerful results.

B2B Telemarketing

B2B Telemarketing is another inbound as well as outbound technique that can generate sales. Inbound telemarketing occurs when customers initiate contact with the company. While outbound telemarketing occurs when agents or sellers directly reach out to new prospects in order to make a sale.  The best thing about integrating inbound telemarketing with outbound marketing is that it enables customers to get in touch with the company whenever one wants, which helps in yielding higher profitability in the future. Out of the above marketing techniques,  b2b telemarketing has proved to be the most profitable for B2B and B2C companies.

Paid Social Promotion

Image Quotes "Online Consumers Use Social Media During Purchase Decision"

Inbound marketing is all about creating quality content that has the power to engage people. Content serves your marketing purpose in the form of blogs, interesting offers, landing pages, etc. According to the latest statistics, marketers who made blogging on a regular basis their priority had 13 times better chance of a higher rate of return on their marketing investment. It has also been observed that blogs attract around 55% of the total traffic on the website, so all the more reason why you need to create engaging content. But creating great content is not everything, you have to optimize it in order to convert a visitor into sales lead.

Gain More Leads

This is where outbound comes into play. Optimising your content to get it indexed by search engines gives you an even better chance to get found on the organic search results and if you are willing to promote it, you can also do it through paid advertising and book yourself a place on the search engine, where you can get customers easily. This paid social promotion is also effective when you share links on various social media platforms and sponsor them to get maximum traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Image quotes Personalised Emails Get Higher Click Through Rate

Email marketing can work both ways, as inbound and outbound. When prospects sign up on your website or subscribe to your newsletter, you get their email address and keep it for email marketing, mainly used to inform prospects of new products, services, discount coupons upcoming events, etc. Email marketing  is also outbound when a business the emailing those clients that it has purchased. Although it is not preferable for businesses to purchase email lists, but at times if does more good than harm and should be made part of the marketing strategy. You can get detailed information on how to develop your marketing strategy around telemarketing in this ebook

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