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PPC Marketing


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The Power Of PPC

PPC marketing stands as a wonderful complement to an organic, SEO-driven strategy. Think of PPC as the microwave to SEO's oven: one is perfect for quick, short-term results, and the other, while it may require some patience, is essential for long-term success.

It's no secret that a well-run PPC campaign can yield exceptional value to a company's bottom line. For instance, studies have shown that the average business will make about $3 for every $1.60 spent on Google Ads - an almost 2x increase!

While PPC marketing is both popular and profitable, it also has many moving parts. For best results, it's wise not to take chances on beginners; our team of inbound marketing experts at Floodlight New Marketing has the knowledge and experience that you need to get your PPC campaign off the ground and running. 

A High-Level View of Our Google Ads Management Service

Floodlight New Marketing is a full-service inbound marketing firm, and as such, we help our clients to grow their business in a number of dynamic ways. When it comes to PPC marketing, there are at least 6 areas into which we delve to ensure an optimised outcome for your company's future:

Listen AND


We find that in many cases the biggest factor in the success or failure of a PPC campaign is the initial consultation phase. In the final analysis, what it really comes down to is listening. In other words: you talk, and we listen.

We want to discover as much as we possibly can about your company before even getting near the Google Ads interface.

For instance:

- What is your company's unique selling point?

- Which demographics are you targeting, and what would your ideal customer look like?

- What are your current budget requirements?


The answers to these and other questions will help us to design a PPC campaign that is specifically aimed at your highest-value prospects while staying within reasonable pricing limitations

Craft and Implement an Effective PPC Strategy

We'll focus on several aspects of the campaign in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, such as.

  • Geo-targeting. If you own a location-based business, then geo-targeting will help your campaign to stay focused on high-yield regions, towns, boroughs and cities, and lower your campaign costs in the process.
  • Keyword research. Constantly refining your campaign's keywords can be a tedious task. However, this process of constantly researching and adjusting your targeted keywords will help you to weed out unproductive phrases, and mitigate keyword costs
  • Ad text. Good copy is hard to come by; however, a well-turned phrase can work wonders for your conversion rate. Our copywriters will craft an advertising hook that your intended audience will find hard to resist.
  • Ad scheduling. Timing is everything, and you want your ads to run at peak performance times during the week. We monitor ad performance and adjust scheduling to present your ads at the best time for your company (such as during normal business hours, or during days that yield the highest conversion rates).

With careful attention to detail in these and other areas, your company will experience a significant boost from the PPC marketing initiative. 

Grow, Grow, Grow

Optimise and Grow (Again and Again)

We take the time to monitor each campaign's performance, using baseline metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS) to determine overall effectiveness. We provide A/B split testing to explore new growth opportunities. Our thoughtful, adaptable approach will ensure that your PPC campaign yields a high ROI.

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Optimise for Mobile

The Power of Mobile

More and more people enter the online world through the "doors" of their mobile device. It's no big surprise that in the United States alone, mobile searches made up 59% of organic search engine visits in the second quarter of 2019.

Mobile Focus

Our mobile marketing specialists will ensure that your PPC campaign is not only optimised for personal computers, but especially for mobile devices. Such an approach will lead to best results, and provide a template for sustainable growth.

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Partner with the PPC Experts

At Floodlight New Marketing, our team of inbound marketing professionals can walk you through each stage of the PPC marketing process. We have the skill and experience to deliver high-performing results, and we are committed to the success of each and every one of our clients.

If you'd like to learn more about the services we offer, reach out to us today to book a free consultation

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